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Goodwill Beer | Hard Limeade Switcha Fruited Radler |  (473ml can)

Goodwill Beer | Hard Limeade Switcha Fruited Radler | (473ml can)

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Beer Details for Goodwill Beer | Hard Limeade Switcha Fruited Radler (Collaboration with Limestone Group)

Good Robot is teaming up with local organizations who share our vision and values to design, brew and package a batch of beer! 50 cents from every beer will go to our collaboration partners!

This beer is in support of Limestone Group

Limestone Group is a vibrant collective of native Bahamians who celebrate and share their culture through tropical beverages and unique entertainment! Allow your tastebuds to escape to paradise as you taste the authentic Caribbean flavours. With their drinks, ONE SIP WILL TAKE YOU BACK TO DA ISLAND!!!!!

“Switcha” is the Bahamian phrase for a very tangy and tart limeade that makes drinkers “switch up” their faces. Summertime in the Bahamas would have everyone feelin’ hot, hot, hot! Over the years, Bahamians have engineered different ways to beat the heat! One of the most delicious and refreshing option would have to be a tall glass of ice cold Switcha! Filled with citrusy goodness, we have blended the ultimate thirst-quenching switcha that is ideal for any occasion!

This beer tastes tangy and tart. 

Gluten Reduced: <20 PPM 

Alcohol: 5.7% ABV